YPVE | Reusable Phone-Power Vacuum Sealer Start Kit

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YPVE Sealing System is a perfect cannabis storage solution that was developed in Taiwan and has already had success as a food storage product. The same vacuum sealing technology can be adapted into Cannabis products that can also enjoy the benefit of YPVE Sealing system. Here below are the major features
  • Ideal Oxygen and Humidity elements: YPVE sealing system work in unison to eliminate oxygen in order to slow the respiration process and allow excess vapor to diffuse to prevent mold growth and keep the plants potent long term.
  • Delicate Vacuum Process: YPVE micro vacuum device controls the current of the vacuum process to 25𝑚𝐴 for retaining plant’s physiological properties, at the same time preserving smartphone’s battery from over usage.
  • Durability and Anti-Odor Elements: YPVE vacuum pouch is made with 7 layers of PE hard pressed in conjunction. This process works hand in hand with the micro vacuum device to ensure that YPVE bags are incredibly puncture resistant while securing the odor inside the vacuum pouch during storage & transport.
  • Reusability: Unlike traditional vacuum sealing that utilizes high-heat to melt plastics for sealing, YPVE’s patented seal bar design allows users to reach even better results while stepping away from single-use plastics. YPVE vacuum pouches are truly reusable.
  • Sustainability: YPVE’s vacuum sealer features a No battery design to fulfill our sustainable goals. Because lithium batteries degrades over time, YPVE wants to utilize the battery you carry almost 24/7 to power our devices. Without a built-in battery, our machine can last even longer which reduces over-production wastes.

What's included

  • 1 x Vacuum Pump (Lightning & USB-C) with power supply by Smart Phone
  • 1 x Small bag: 9.75" x9.75" : Fill up to 112 g
  • 1 x Mini Bag: 9.75" x 5.5" : Fill up to 35 g
  • 1 x Pocket bag: 6" x 4.25": Fill up to 14 g