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VAZE Pre-Roll Joint Cases - The Single

VAZE Pre-Roll Joint Cases - The Single

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The Single case holds your 0.5 gram pre-roll in crafted milled aluminum giving both a sleek design and protection for all occasions. Available in two colours.

  • Airtight
  • Seals in freshness
  • Odourless
  • Water resistant

Take only what you need. Nothing more.
VAZE is the ultimate joint holder that allows you to smoke a little and then save some for later. Made of aluminum the VAZE joint holder can withstand heat and snuffs out the lit prerolls when the top is put on. Your personal joint experience is preserved for every session allowing you to only take what you need.

Airtight Gasket
The VAZE smell proof pre-rolled joint holders use an engineered rubber gasket specifically designed to seal in freshness while protecting from the elements. Each VAZE pre-rolled joint holder contains one incredibly strong gasket pre-installed along with a backup in case you need it. With everything sealed in you can roll with confidence knowing your cannabis is safely sealed away free of odour.

Simple, clean, and discreet design 
VAZE is designed with beauty, simplicity and discretion in mind. VAZE’s unique style, clean lines and smooth edges bring a level of function to the design whether it’s in your pocket or purse or out on a table in a restaurant. Available in two unique colours each VAZE not only lends a personal touch but can also provide you with a way to break up your prerolls by strain.

The Strength of Milled Aluminum
While most doob tubes and pre-rolled joint holders use plastic or folded aluminum to protect your cannabis, VAZE pre-rolled joint holders protect your pre-rolls using the strength of milled aluminum and the beauty of anodizing. So while milled aluminum provides the strength you need anodized aluminum provides the beauty of a pearl finish in either SABI Pink or WABI Charcoal.

Environmentally Friendly
VAZE is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pre-rolled doob tubes and joint holders allowing you to enjoy your cannabis while not contributing to the plastic pollution on our planet.

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