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Golden Crown™ | 18 Inch 9mm Engraved Bong US Glass

Golden Crown™ | 18 Inch 9mm Engraved Bong US Glass

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Golden Crown™ Engraved Bong 18Inch 9mm US Glass is the new Collection of Golden Crown Waterpipes with a height of 18 Inch and 9mm thickness with logo engraved on the bong.

This Golden Crown™ waterpipe comes with a Quality Certificate, a Crown Emblem Sticker, a Golden Crown Lighter and a GC Tag that is a mark of our promise to serve our customers with only the best.

These are one of our most anticipated waterpipes.

  • Size : 18"
  • Glass Thickness : 9 mm
  • Tube : 2"
  • 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
  • 5.75" Diffused downstem
  • Bowl for 14 mm female joint
  • Extra thick bottom
  • Engraved Logo
  • Comes with 2 Golden Crown stickers
  • Bic lighter with Golden Crown
  • Authentic certificate
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