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Blazy Susan | Purple King Size Cones Box of 21

Blazy Susan | Purple King Size Cones Box of 21

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Cone-lovers, rejoice! You can now keep your favorite Blazy Susan product close at hand with the 3 Pack Purple Pre Rolled Cones Display Box! A total of 63 cones come in this takeout-style box, with 21 3-packs inside for your convenience. Get your stash today and never be without!. 

This smoking alternative is unbelievably effortless! Coming in 3 packs, you can store in a handy box and take on any adventure, ensuring you’re always prepared. Perfect for gathering with your smoking friends, you’ll never run out of cones to share!.

  • Size : King size
  • 3 pre-rolled cones per pack
  • 21 packs per box
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Slow burn
  • Non-GMO and Vegan-friendly
  • Made in France
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