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Castle Glassworks

Castle Glassworks | Double Layer

Castle Glassworks | Double Layer

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Introducing the ultimate travel companion for your cherished bong or dab rig – the Bong Bag with Double Layer Protection! Crafted from robust nylon composite material, this bag is engineered for longevity and is your piece's first line of defense against bumps and scratches.

With a removable inner layer, maintenance and cleaning are a breeze. The inclusion of a shoulder strap ensures effortless portability for your bong on the go, while the dependable drawstring closures guarantee that everything remains securely in place.

Dedicated pockets for both your bowl and downstem provide peace of mind, ensuring your accessories are safely stored. Furthermore, the spacious exterior pocket offers ample room for any additional items you may require during your travels.

Not only is this bag highly practical, but it also boasts a stylish embroidered logo, adding a touch of flair to its overall design. Its water-resistant exterior fabric provides an extra layer of protection, safeguarding your gear from unexpected rain.

Invest in the Bong Bag with Double Layer Protection today and embark on your travels with the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your favorite piece is safeguarded.


  • Interior Storage: Bowl and Downstem Pockets
  • Exterior Storage: Large Exterior Pocket
  • Logo: Embroidered
  • Material: Nylon Composite
  • Protection: Double Layer
  • Included: One Bong Bag With Shoulder Strap

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your travel experience. Order now and enjoy the utmost confidence when journeying with your beloved piece!

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