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bloomer™ | Sweet Banana Leaf Cones Box Of 20

bloomer™ | Sweet Banana Leaf Cones Box Of 20

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Our organic banana leaves are sun-cured in the Caribbean for 44 days, then wrapped around our revolutionary bloomer™ wildflower-blooming tip. The result is the smoothest, cleanest, slowest and purest burn allowing users to truly taste their material all the way down to the filter tip. Don’t forget to plant the tip after use to bloom wildflowers and help save the bees!

  • Queen size ( fits approx ~1.5g) 2 cones/ pouch
  • 20 pouchs per box
  • 100% organic
  • 100% vegetarian
  • 100% decomposable
  • 100% noninvasive blooms
  • extremely slow burning
  • packing straws made of 100% biodegradable avocado straws
  • reusuable, smell-proof pouch packaging
  • Utility Patent US11266177

For legal herbal blends only, not for use with tobacco.

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