Glossary Of Glass Terms And Smoking Definitions You Should Know

Glossary Of Glass Terms And Smoking Definitions You Should Know

Frequently Used Glass Terminology in the World of Smoking Accessories

When you embark on the journey of purchasing smoking paraphernalia, you'll often encounter a plethora of glass-related terms and smoking jargon. To help demystify these terms frequently heard in head shops, forums, and among seasoned smokers, here's a handy glossary:

**Ash Catchers:** These are external attachments that fit into the joint and hold the herb bowl. They serve as an additional filtration layer to keep your bong cleaner for a longer period.

**Boro (Borosilicate):** A type of glass that contains at least 5% boric acid, granting it higher temperature resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion.

**Bowl:** The part of your smoking device where you place your herbs for consumption.

**Bowl Slide (a.k.a. Bong Bowl, Herb Slide):** These detachable components in a bong often include a carb hole and are used for holding and igniting your herbs.

**Carb (Carb Hole):** A hole located on the side of a glass piece that you control to allow air in for smoother inhalation. You press it to hold the smoke while you inhale and release it to clear the chamber.

**Percs (Percolators):** Additional features in a smoking device that enhance the overall smoking experience by improving filtration and cooling.

**Diffuser/Diffused Downstem:** A type of downstem with holes or slits designed to disperse smoke for more effective filtration and cooling.

**Downstem:** A long, slender tube connecting the slide to the bong, typically submerged in water for filtration.

**Drag:** The degree of airflow resistance when inhaling from a pipe. Heavy drag requires more effort to clear, while minimal drag feels effortless and natural.

**Dry Piece:** A type of smoking device that does not rely on water for its functionality.

**Frit Glass:** Glass with added crushed or beaded glass fragments, creating a granular textured surface.

**Fumed Glass:** Glass pieces created using fumes from real silver and gold, resulting in varying hues of blue to purple (silver) and pinkish or greenish patterns (gold).

**Ground Joint:** Joints with a frosted appearance, often tapered for easy insertion and removal.

**Heady Glass:** Custom-made glass crafted with signature techniques by expert glassblowers and artists, either individually or through collaborative efforts.

**Ice Pinchers:** Three inner prongs inside the bong's tube that hold ice above the water chamber, effectively cooling the smoke as it passes through.

**Joint:** Typically located on the side of a water pipe, this is where the downstem or bowl slide is inserted. Joints come in various sizes, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, with smaller joints in mini bongs and larger ones in taller ones.

**Keck Clip:** An attachment that secures the downstem and bowl slide in place, preventing accidental detachment, falls, and breakages.

**Linework:** A glass technique that imparts a pattern of striped colors to the glass.

**Percolator (Percs):** Added components in a bong that function as both smoke filters and moisturizers. Examples include honeycomb percs and tree percs, beloved by smokers for their effectiveness.

**Piece:** A general term for any type of smoking pipe or rig.

**Recycler:** A type of glass piece that continuously cycles water as you draw, maximizing cooling and filtration.

**Soft Glass:** Glass that lacks the durability and strength of scientific glass, known for its bold, distinctive colors compared to other glass types.

**Splashback (Backsplash):** Occurs when water splashes through the mouthpiece during a hit, resulting in an undesirable wet experience with used water's taste and odor.

**Splash Guard:** A dome-like feature found on top of the bong and at the base of the neck, designed to prevent splashbacks while not affecting functionality or flavor.

**Water Pipe:** A term used to describe a smoking device that utilizes water for filtration and cooling.

We hope that this glossary of glass terminology enhances your understanding of smoking accessories and the industry. Feel free to share any glass-related terms that puzzle you in the comments below, and we'll gladly clarify their meanings for you.

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