Glossary Of Glass Terms And Smoking Definitions You Should Know

Glossary Of Glass Terms And Smoking Definitions You Should Know

Common Glass Terminology in Smoking Accessories Explained

When delving into the realm of smoking paraphernalia, you're likely to come across a myriad of glass-related terms and jargon. Whether browsing through head shops or engaging in conversations with seasoned smokers, understanding these terms can be invaluable. To assist in demystifying these frequently used terms, here's a helpful glossary:

Ash Catchers: External attachments that fit into the joint of a bong, holding the herb bowl and providing an additional filtration layer to maintain bong cleanliness.

Boro (Borosilicate): A type of glass containing at least 5% boric acid, renowned for its high temperature resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion.

Bowl: The component of a smoking device where herbs are placed for consumption.

Bowl Slide (a.k.a. Bong Bowl, Herb Slide): Detachable components in a bong often featuring a carb hole, used for holding and igniting herbs.

Carb (Carb Hole): A hole situated on the side of a glass piece, controlled to allow air in for smoother inhalation. Press to hold smoke while inhaling, release to clear the chamber.

Percs (Percolators): Additional features in a smoking device enhancing the smoking experience through improved filtration and cooling.

Diffuser/Diffused Downstem: A downstem variant with holes or slits dispersing smoke for enhanced filtration and cooling.

Downstem: A slender tube connecting the slide to the bong, typically submerged in water for filtration.

Drag: The resistance experienced when inhaling from a pipe. Heavy drag requires more effort, while minimal drag feels effortless.

Dry Piece: A smoking device not reliant on water for functionality.

Frit Glass: Glass containing added crushed or beaded glass fragments, creating a granular textured surface.

Fumed Glass: Glass crafted using fumes from silver and gold, resulting in varying hues and patterns.

Ground Joint: Frosted joints, often tapered for easy insertion and removal.

Heady Glass: Custom-made glass crafted by expert artists, boasting signature techniques and individual or collaborative efforts.

Ice Pinchers: Prongs inside a bong's tube holding ice above the water chamber, effectively cooling smoke.

Joint: Connection point for downstem or bowl slide, available in various sizes.

Keck Clip: Attachment securing downstem and bowl slide to prevent detachment and breakages.

Linework: Glass technique creating a pattern of striped colors.

Percolator (Percs): Bong components filtering and moisturizing smoke. Examples include honeycomb and tree percs.

Piece: A general term for smoking pipe or rig.

Recycler: Glass piece cycling water for enhanced cooling and filtration.

Soft Glass: Glass with bold colors, lacking durability of scientific glass.

Splashback (Backsplash): Undesirable wet experience due to water splashing through the mouthpiece.

Splash Guard: Dome-like feature preventing splashback without affecting functionality or flavor.

Water Pipe: Smoking device utilizing water for filtration and cooling.

We hope this glossary enhances your understanding of smoking accessories and industry jargon. If any glass-related terms still puzzle you, feel free to share in the comments below, and we'll gladly provide clarification.

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