How To Clean A Glass Bong

How To Clean A Glass Bong

According to estimates, 17% of the worldwide population will be avid smokers of tobacco by 2030. With the smoking culture in full swing, it’s rare to find people who are unaware of bongs or water pipes.

A bong is a device used for filtering and cooling smoke. It’s commonly used in smoking cannabis, tobacco, CBD products, etc. Its design and structure allow it to remove the ash and carcinogens, and give smokers a comfortable experience with smoother rip.

As a bong user, you’ll need to clean your bong every once in a while, to keep it free from bacteria. Moreover, cleaning your bong will ensure you get a great smoking experience every time. To keep the smoking sessions one of their kind, here’s a comprehensive guide on cleaning your bong.

Efficient Cleaning Solutions

In order to clean the gunk stuck on the pipe’s insides, you’ll need an abrasive and efficient cleaning solution. You can use a variety of different pipe cleaners in the market or use a salt and isopropyl alcohol solution. If you’re making the alcohol and salt solution at home, take alcohol and salt in the ratio 2:1 to make an abrasive composition that’ll easily scrape the gunk off the glass. Moreover, you can keep the solution to soak a little before you scrape for easy cleaning. In case your pipe is composed of removable parts, separate the pieces and soak them in cleaning solution inside a plastic bag before you clean the pipe.

Be careful while cleaning your glass bong; it’ll get slippery. To avoid breakage, clean your bong over the sink and place a plastic tub or a mat over it. When the gunk becomes loose, rinse the pieces with water to remove the cleaning solution. Allow it to dry.

Cleaning Of Percolators

For those water pipes that include percolators, cleaning it with a solution can be quite tricky. To clean the percolator, simply fill the water pipe’s bottom with cleaning solution and shake it while covering the top with your palm. Drain the solution and rinse. Ensure that you rinse enough to get the solution out of the percolator otherwise it’ll affect the flavor.

Cleaning Of Parts Made Out Of Other Materials

If your bong is composed of titanium or ceramic pieces, you can heat them instead of using cleaning solutions. Upon heating the parts, the stuck gunk will liquefy which can be easily wiped away.

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