RES CAPS® Bong Cleaning Caps

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The Original Res Caps®

Bong Cleaning ● Carrying ● Scent Stopping

Resolution designed Res Caps® to make cleaning your glass bong fast, easy and hassle-free. Pour Res Gel® to your favorite piece, slip on Res Caps®, shake and rinse for the quickest and easiest clean ever.

Bong Cleaning Caps

On the go? Use Res Caps® to seal your piece for a mess-free travel anywhere. Pack up & Cap up before your next adventure to keep your glass safe and spill-free!

Use Res Caps® to seal your bong during cleaning, traveling or storing to prevent spills and bad odors.

Store your glass discreetly with Res Caps® avoiding spills and bad odors.

Go ahead, treat yourself to the cleanest glass every time!

Pipe Cleaning Caps

At Resolution, we offer the original Res Caps bong cleaning caps. Our bong and pipe cleaning caps are designed to seal the ends of your glassware during the cleaning process. The bong and pipe caps make the cleaning process much faster and easier without making a mess! Not only do our bong caps and pipe caps help for cleaning your glass pieces, they always help for on the go occasions! Avoid any spills or unpleasant odors while traveling with your pieces by slipping on our caps and heading out the door. Additionally, you can discreetly store away any piece by applying our bong cap and/or pipe cap to the end of your piece to mask any odors and avoid spills. Cleaning, storing and traveling with glassware has never been easier with our bong and pipe cleaning caps. We offer a few different colors of our bong end caps to choose from such as green and black. Pour one of our natural, homemade cleaners to start your cleaning task - then top off your pipe or bong with our bong cap or pipe cap to shake off all the grime build up and rinse it away for the easiest cleaning process out there! No more homemade remedies to create a mess at home! At Resolution, we aim to redefine the negative stereotype that goes along with dirty glassware. This is why we have developed and continue to develop the supplies, tools, and natural products you need to keep your glassware free from residue build up and improve your experience. Don’t wait until it’s too late and cleaning your piece seems impossible because it’s so dirty! Purchase our bong or pipe Res Caps today to treat yourself to the cleanest glass everytime!