Perc Master Bong

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Never enough power? This piece is definitely catered to the one who wants to achieve the most filtration possible in a single unit! This piece is constructed from 9 mm thick High Quality Borosilicate glass. It utilizes a 18mm Female Joint and contains a total amount of 4 magnificent percolators to ensure you can clear the biggest of bowls.

It begins with your smoke entering through the 8 slitted downstem diffuser. Next up through a honey comb perc. Swirling through the mini faberge and matrix perc. Finally exiting through the ice catcher for a complete satisfying hit every single time.


*High Quality Borosilicate Glass

*Height: 20"

*Joint Size: 18mm Female Joint

*Your choice of Ceramic Banger, Thick Quartz Banger, or Glass Flower Bowl