18" Infyniti Fractal Tree Arm Percolator and Barrel Diffuser Dab Rig

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This oil rig bubbler comes complete with vapor dome and quartz nail where you can place your precious oils and concentrates. Smoke then travels through the fixed inline diffuser before inhaling from the mouthpiece. This all creates a clean toke that is full of flavour but easy on the throat and lungs. One bong rip from this will make you and your friends a convert ' you won't be able to go back to the normal bongs that send you into a coughing fit.

  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height : 18"
  • Barrel diffuser and 32 setms percolator
  • Splash Guard
  • 3 Pinched ice catcher
  • Thickness : 5 mm
  • Tube : 3"
  • Base : 5"
  • Color : Clear and black accented
  • 50 mm Quartz Nail and Dome for 18 mm male Joints
  • 3 Pieces