Hookah is also known as narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble, shisha and goza. Although India is the country where hookah really took off, discussions are held whether hookah was invented in Persia or India.

As you might wonder, hookahs consist of many components making sure you get a quality hookah session. First, there is the bowl or the hookah head – something that holds the coal and the tobacco during the session. Did you know that all Hekkpipes ship with a special vortex bowl, improving your session even more?

The hookah itself mainly consists of the hose (speaks for itself, doesn’t it), the water base or vase that is used to pass through the smoke and last but not least – the body or the hookah stem, which keeps the whole thing together.

Additionally, sometimes windscreen is used that covers the bowl area. This is something that keeps the wind away and therefore keeps the burning process under control – otherwise it would simply burn really quickly. Depending on the hookah, you can sometimes see a metal plate or ashtray and grommets.