Glass Hand Pipes

Hand pipes have continued to be a staple in the smoking community for years. They tend to serve as many smokers first glass pieces, both owned and used. There is a wide variety of types and styles, with new pieces introduced to the community daily. Generally glass hand pipes are simple, dry-smoke pieces, which mean they offer no water diffusion. However, you can purchase a glass bubbler hand pipe, which will offer some water diffusion to your smoke. 

While some may prefer a bong or oil rig, it's hard to bear the convenience and potability that hand pipes like spoons and sherlocks offer.

To use your hand pipes, you simply need to pack your tobacco, dry herbs, or other legal substance into the bowl chamber, ignite with a flame, and inhale! Generally, hand pipes will contain a small hole on the side of the pipe, known as a "carb", which alters airflow and helps to clear the smoke from the pipe.