Cheech Glass

Cheech Glass is a Canadian based glass water pipe company, and they were founded back in 2010 in Toronto, Canada. The founder of the company shared not only the nickname “Cheech” with the famous stoner comic Cheech Marin, but they also shared a passion for cannabis, as well as quality smoking products. Cheech Glass became officially licensed and endorsed by the comic himself, and they are proud to offer a variety of originally designed, heavy-duty smoke ware recommended exclusively by Cheech Marin.

Their fair pricing, high quality and uniquely designed glassware helped to quickly boost their notoriety within the glass market and industry. They soon found their fame spreading to International customers, as well as to the vast majority of Canadian glass consumers. Cheech Glass has since been nicknamed “The Peoples Glass” by their faithful fans due to their products consistent quality, functionality and affordability.