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We carry a wide variety of high-quality glass bongs and water pipes from several different artists, both made here in American and abroad. We carry everything from classic OG beaker base glass bongs or straight tube glass bongs, to high quality scientific glass bongs, incredible artistic heady pipes, and much much more. The bong is a preferred method of smoking you favorite flowers or tobacco for many people all around the world. 

Most of our high-quality glass bongs use different percolators to filter your smoke and provide a truly smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. There are many different styles of percolators available on the market, which all provide their own different and unique smoking / filtration experience. We do our best to carry as many high quality percolator styles as we can.

Many glass bongs also utilize a removable or fixed diffused down stem to filter smoke, either in addition to an internal percolator or as the single filtration method. Most larger bongs also come with an ice pinch (also known as an ice catcher) which holds ice in the tube of your water pipe, creating smoother, crisper, and more refreshing smoke.